Mimosa Story

Mimosa” is a name of family (genus) of about 2,400 species of herbs, shrubs and trees. The most curious plant in the genus is ‘Mimosa Pudica aka’ ‘Tickle Me Plant’ because of the way its leaflets fold when touched, tickled, or exposed to heat. Besides, all of them easily called “Mimosa Plant” are also different from other families by folding leaflets in the night and unfolding leaflets in the day.

With outstanding features of species in this family lead to the name of this resort “Mimosa Resort & Spa” collecting plants in this family to eat, drink, decorate and extract the benefit of each plant for using in the resort such as “Mimosa Welcome Drink” made from “Mimosa Pudica Linn.” which is good for urinary system, Amenities(Shower Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Lotion) are especially ordered being “Rain Tree” “Samanea saman Merr.” odor, Cloth Hanger made from “Mimosa pigra Linn.”, some food menus are made from “Water Mimosa” “Acacia” “Parkia” and etc. It maybe your pleasure to find out any Mimosa plants and products during you have stayed here.

To harmonize with main purpose using “Mimosa” which is a name of plant Family about 2,400 species of herbs, shrubs and trees to be name of resort, “Mimosa Resort & Spa” mainly concentrates on “Family” customer by providing any facilities serving every member of family – Children (Child Room), Teenager (DVD Movie, Kayak, WiFi), Worker(Spa, Fitness) and Elder(Wheelchair, Supporting Bar, Ramp). Besides, accommodations are also named with name of Thai flowers which are names of family members of resort’s owner as following:

Mimosa Resort & Spa
Lotus -
Jacuzzi Deluxe
Type –› Sister
Mimosa Resort & Spa
Jasmine -
Jacuzzi Senior Deluxe
Type –› Mother
Mimosa Resort & Spa
Lovers' Jasmine -
Jacuzzi Lover Deluxe
Type –› Mother
Mimosa Resort & Spa
Meranti -
Jacuzzi Pool Villa
Type –› Grandmother
Mimosa Resort & Spa
Manikara -
Jacuzzi Family Suite
Type –› Wife
Mimosa Resort & Spa
Mimosa -
Jacuzzi Family Pool Suite
Type –› Name of ‘Family’
which gathers
each member together

You can find the real tree of each name around each accommodation. We also hanged ‘name tags’ on the trees which almost are Thai trees with odorous.

We definitely hope you will get ‘Truly Family Happiness’ all duration which you stay with us ‘Mimosa Resort & Spa’, Koh Samui, Thailand.

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